Is the Macys Credit Card Right for You?

Macy’s department stores first offered customers a credit option for their purchases in 1939 to help them out during the tough economic times of the depression. The Macy’s Credit Card has evolved over the years and is now issued by Department Stores National Bank, a division of Citibank. This is a store-loyalty card with no annual fee that gives cardholders extra discounts and the ability to earn rewards for their Macy’s purchases. It is only valid for use at Macy’s and Macy’s Backstage stores as well as



Industry reviewers like the Macy’s Credit Card for the extra cardholder promotions and discounts offered throughout the year. They disliked the 24.06% interest rate that is higher than most branded store cards, the $40 late payment fee and the 30-day expiration on earned rewards.

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The Macy’s Credit Card comes in three graduated tier levels. Which one you receive is determined by how much you spend at Macy’s in a given year. Here are the details on each of the three cards:


  • Issued to customers who spend up to $499 annually at Macy’s
  • Cardholders earn 2% in rewards on all Macy’s purchases


  • Issued to customers who spend $500-$1,199 annually at Macy’s
  • Cardholders earn 3% in rewards on all Macy’s purchases


  • Issued to customers who spend over $1,200 annually at Macy’s
  • Cardholders earn 5% in rewards on all Macy’s purchases

If you increase your spending to qualify for the next tier card, you will automatically receive a newly upgraded card in seven days. Likewise, if you spend less at Macy’s in a year, you are downgraded to a lower-tier card when your account goes through an annual review.

Macy’s Credit Card Rewards

All of the Macy’s Credit Card Rewards are issued through the Macy’s Star Rewards customer loyalty program. Cardholders are automatically given $10 in Star Money for every 1,000 points earned on their cards. Star Money is redeemable for retail purchases at Macy’s and Macy’s Backstage stores as well as However, this reward expires 30 days from the date of issuance. This prevents a cardholder from saving up Star Money for a bigger purchase.

All Macy’s Credit Cardholders receive the following perks throughout the year:

  • Free shipping on all online purchases
  • Star Passes for additional savings
  • Star Money bonus days to earn extra points
  • Personalized savings offers and bonuses
  • Surprise birthday gift

Macy’s Credit Card Welcome Bonus

New Macy’s Credit Cardholders receive 20% off their total purchase when they use their cards within their first two days of card acceptance. However, there is a $100 limit on this offer. Cardholders also receive a 25% off Star Pass to use on any future date.

Why Choose the Macy’s Credit Card

The Macy’s Credit Card is an excellent choice for those who frequently shop at Macy’s. It is also worth getting if you plan to make a big purchase at Macy’s, such as a $500 sofa, to get immediate gold card status, 3% in Star Rewards points, and 20% off the sofa’s price. We recommend paying the balance in full and on time each month to avoid the high interest rate and $40 late fee.

How To Apply for the Macy’s Credit Card

To apply for the Macy’s Credit Card, you need to be over 18 years old and have a 640 or higher credit score. Applications are accepted in the store or online at, and you will receive an immediate decision on whether you are accepted. Your Macy’s Credit Card will be mailed to you within 10 business days; however, you can start to use your new card number immediately for purchases at the store or online.

With all the credit card options available to you, selecting the right one for your needs may be a confusing process. Get help narrowing down your choices by checking out our latest reviews at


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