Walmart Credit Card – How To Apply

Walmart is the world’s largest retail store. You can purchase almost anything at its nearly 5,000 stores in America. Is it any wonder that you find yourself wondering whether you should apply for a Walmart credit card? The good news is that applying for the Walmart Capital One Rewards card is not much different from applying for any other store card and the benefits are worth considering.


What Are the Main Walmart Credit Card Benefits?

Walmart offers a Mastercard credit card through a partnership with Capital One. Unlike its in-store-only card, you can use this anywhere that accepts Mastercard. Here are additional benefits:

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Cash Back

Most cards only offer 5% back as a promotional rate. Then, it quickly drops back to $2% or less. However, Walmart’s 5% cash back on online purchases is not promotional. It also provides 2% back on gas, travel and in-store purchases. You then get 1% cash back everywhere else.

Additional Rewards

You may purchase gift cards to give to other family members or even use your points toward another purchase in your cart. Finally, you can redeem the points for hotels and flights.

Fraud Protection

When Capital One notices suspicious activity, it notifies you or may even reject the incoming transaction. If your card is lost or stolen, you can lock the card from your mobile app.

Who Tends To Apply for Walmart’s Credit Card?

The most likely candidates for a Walmart card are people who shop frequently at the store. Walmart’s credit card may also appeal to the following people:


Generally speaking, parents spend more money on groceries and other household items than single people. If they shop at Walmart with a rewards card, they could get benefits back. Parents could then redeem the points for a family vacation or a romantic trip.


Walmart offers pickup and delivery options. This is great for seniors and people with disabilities who may prefer not to shop at physical locations. Getting 5% cash back on these purchases is also a good incentive.

Online Sellers

People who run e-commerce stores on eBay, Amazon and other platforms often turn to Walmart to find good deals they can flip online. In 2017, CNBC shared how one millennial earned millions in revenue this way. Imagine 5% cash back on millions in Walmart spending.

When Should You Apply for a Walmart Credit Card?

Getting a card at just the right time can help you capitalize on benefits you may have otherwise missed. Because Capital One is the bank behind the Walmart card, you also need to consider what Capital One brings to the table.

Building Credit

Capital One is a common choice among consumers looking for a first credit card. In fact, WalletHub gave Capital One three places out of five on a list of the best starter credit cards. So, if you already shop often at Walmart and want to build your credit, it’s a good choice.

Big Walmart Purchase

Walmart has reasonable prices that may compel you to choose the retail giant for some big purchases. If you won’t be able to cash in on the 5% cash back offer from any other cards, consider getting one from Walmart.

Example of How To Apply for a Walmart Credit Card

Example 1: 

Joe wants to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend and has been working extra hours to pay for it. While buying groceries at Walmart, he brings his ID to the jewelry kiosk and an old credit card to apply. Once approved, he purchases a modest $5,000 ring via the card and receives $250 cash back. He uses this to take his girlfriend to a fancy restaurant for his proposal. Joe then pays the balance in full to avoid the high APR.

Example 2: 

Maria quits her job at a local daycare and decides to create an online store selling baby care items to busy moms. Her local Walmart has a lot of great deals, so she creates a Walmart account and applies for its credit card online. She then invests $10,000 in merchandise and gets $500 cash back.

Steps for How To Apply for a Walmart Credit Card

You can submit your application online, at the jewelry kiosk or at the cash register. We recommend submitting an application online, so you have time to gather all the things you need and don’t have to bring sensitive documents to the store.

  1. Gather your documents, which may include proof of income, your SSN, government-issued photo ID and proof of address.
  2. Double-check to ensure you’re applying for the Mastercard.
  3. Read the terms and conditions.
  4. Create a account.
  5. Fill out the requested information and submit it online.
  6. If approved, you can begin shopping online immediately.
  7. Wait seven to 10 days to receive the physical Walmart credit card.

Quick Questions About How To Apply for a Walmart Credit Card

Walmart Credit Card – How To Apply

Bring an existing credit card and your photo ID to apply for a credit card at the register. You may receive an instant approval or the bank may have additional questions. Applying at the jewelry kiosk works the same, but you may have more privacy.

Are there any fees?

Capital One does charge a late fee. However, the card features no annual fee and no fee for foreign transactions.

What is the APR?

Unfortunately, the APR is very high. It can top out at 26.99%. Compare this to an average credit card APR of 14.52%. It is best to pay the balance in full on this card every due date.

Is it better to get the in-store-only card?

It depends on how you shop. The in-store-only card only works at Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations. Note that Walmart does not currently advertise this card.



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