13 Best Ways To Make Money Quick

make money quick

For better or for worse, the human mind often operates on a scarcity model. We might have plenty of something and still want more of it – and often, we want it now. That’s perhaps more true of money than anything else, and there are many easy, trustworthy, fun ways to make money in a jiffy. The below list are of the best ways to make money quick is a good start.

To make money quickly, you can:

1. Rent Out Part Of Your Home

If you’ve ever stayed at an Airbnb that was a private room in a larger home, you’ve seen this money-making idea in action. You too can make money this way. 

Figure out whether there’s part of your home you can realistically reserve for Airbnb visitors from out of town. Then, create privacy barriers in that area for guests. Leave that space entirely untouched when guests are staying, then clean between visits. Cleaning supplies should be your only expense, and you can set your room rental rates and charge cleaning fees to more than offset these costs. As passive income goes, it’s one of the easier, more long-term, and profitable options.

2. Pet Sit or Walk Dogs

Parents can bring their kids with them to lots of places, but pet owners often have to leave their furry friends behind. And just as kids need babysitters, pets need petsitters. You can charge a substantial amount per hour for pet sitting services if you can prove you’ll take great care of the animals in question. If it’s a several-day visit, you get to spend a few nights in a home that’s not yours, making this way of earning cash especially unique and exciting.

Alternatively, if you can’t quite relocate for several days, try walking dogs in your neighborhood. This need exists even when folks are home, as people who work outside the house can’t always come home midday to walk their dogs. If you live around the corner, you can do that for them – and get paid for it.

3. Babysit As A Side Gig

If kids are more your thing than pets, then babysitting can be a great side gig. Keep in mind that babysitters typically have the most success taking a steady gig with one family, whereas petsitters may have several clients. Either way, if you have time before or after work to care for someone’s kids, you can accumulate extra cash quickly. Just show that your schedule is flexible and you’re good with kids, and you might get the job. 

4. Drive For Ridesharing Apps

Your car might be one of your biggest expenses, but it can also be among your easiest methods for earning money. Anybody with a car can theoretically become a rideshare driver with just a few steps. You’ll need to apply with one of the leading apps like Uber or Lyft. As long as you own your car, that car meets the app’s requirements, and you have a clean driving record, you should be approved pending a background check. And then, you can give rides as frequently or infrequently as you’d like.

5. Deliver Items for a Service

While you’re at it on the rideshare side of things, you may want to consider signing up for food or grocery delivery as well. This way, you have the option to either transport people around or get meals from restaurants to homes. Either way, you’ll get paid base fees and tips that can quickly add up when you provide excellent service.

You can join up with something like Uber Eats if you’re already an Uber driver, or you can become an Amazon driver through the Amazon Flex program. Like its name suggests, Amazon Flex lets drivers set their own hours, meaning you can drive a part-time job, a full-time gig, or somewhere between. 

6. Offer Private Tutoring

If you’re an expert in a subject widely taught in schools, you can earn money quickly as a private tutor. The more advanced the subject matter and your educational degrees, the more you can charge per hour. It’s far from unheard of for top-tier tutors to charge $75 per hour or more, so if you tutor often, you can easily save money. Look to tutoring platforms such as Varsity Tutors to find students and access teaching resources. 

7. Become a Mystery Shopper

Despite this money-earning method’s name, the work isn’t cryptic or strange. As a mystery shopper, you’ll simply swing by storefronts and browse around. You’ll take mental notes on what you did and didn’t like to provide feedback to the store. And the best part? The store will never know you’re there as anything other than a normal shopper. That’s why it’s called “mystery” shopping. What’s not so mysterious: You’ll get paid to do this.

As you research your options, keep in mind that mystery shopping scams abound. Never sign up for a service that asks you for money upfront; no legitimate mystery shopping service will ask you to pay to participate.

8. Take Online Surveys

Online surveys are easy to find, and the legitimate ones will pay you for your opinions. To access them, you should sign up for a service that will inform you when surveys are available. Beware, though, that the payout per survey is typically on the lower end. You might be better off participating in the occasional focus group, which has a higher payout that you can pocket now for use later.

9. Sell Old Clothes in Good Condition

That one shirt in your closet that you never touch can become cash if you go about it right. As long as the untouched clothes in your closet are in good condition, you can sell them on websites like Poshmark and The RealReal, or in person at a resale or consignment shop like Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet. Sometimes, these websites make selling items online especially easy with convenient pickup options that mean you don’t have to ship them yourself. Such services make converting clothes to cash equally hassle-free and profitable.

10. Sell Old Electronics in Good Condition

The same logic that applies to clothes applies to electronics as well. If they’re in good condition and you never use them, you might as well sell them for cash. Try starting with household-name e-commerce websites’ trade-in programs or selling on electronics-specific sites such as Gazelle. Your potential to earn money online here can be quite high, as electronic devices’ hefty initial price tags rarely retain some of their value over time.

11. Become a TaskRabbit

If there’s anything handy that you’re great at and love doing, you can monetize it via TaskRabbit. When someone is struggling to mount a TV or assemble a new couch, they might turn to TaskRabbit for expert help from someone like you. Typically, you can charge a substantial fee per hour or project, and if you’re already handy, you won’t need to learn any new skills. 

If you’re not handy, TaskRabbit users need all kinds of other help too. Data entry, party planning, and running errands are all on the list. With TaskRabbit, you can get paid to do whatever strikes your fancy, and you’ll make money quickly.

12. Start a Photography Side Business

If you’ve developed a passion for photography over the years, people might pay you for your photos. After all, not everyone has quite the eye for photography that you do, but they might still need high-quality pictures for any number of occasions or purposes. Try signing up for a stock photo website to get paid quickly when companies need images for their promotional materials. Alternatively, you can transform your photos into t-shirts, mugs, and other tangible items you can sell via an online store. If your photos are appealing enough, you might find this method truly among the best ways to make money quick.

13. Take on Freelance Side Work

Freelance work is the thread that loosely ties together most of the above money-making ideas. That’s because, as a freelancer, you can take on as little or as much work as you’d like. Plus, in some cases, you have at least some power to set your pay rates. Freelancing is a great way to fuse your hobbies and your need to earn money quickly.

For example, let’s say you love graphic design but your day job is in sales. As a freelancer, you can keep doing graphic design outside your day job while getting paid for it. Find clients who need services like yours, then work on their requests after work or whenever else you have the time. You’ll earn extra money while doing what you love, and you’ll earn it quickly.

Another Tip for Making Money Quickly

Most of the above tips for earning money quickly require you to do some amount of work. This notion applies to both the job-like ideas above and more passive forms of income like renting out part of your home. If you want to make a tiny amount of cash even more easily, though, just use your credit card like usual and collect the rewards. We have an article that explains how: Your First Credit Card – A Guide.

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