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Chase Order Checks Guide

The use of checks has declined in the past few decades, but they are still an acceptable way of making payments. Here’s what you need to know about the Chase order checks process.

Financial literacy is an important skill that requires consistent work. Writing checks may not directly improve your financial literacy. Still, having the option to write checks may improve your money management skills by increasing your payment options. If you bank with Chase, then you may want to start your search by learning the Chase order checks process.

What Are the Benefits of Ordering Checks From Chase?

Chase does not have the most competitive offers for checking accounts. Even so, if you already bank with Chase or prefer to use its checks, there are benefits to having access to your personal checks.

Safer Mailing

Do you need to mail a payment or gift to a contractor or loved one? It is much safer to mail a check addressed to a specific payee than it is to mail cash.

Better Traceability

If you need to track your finances or may later need to show proof of payment, checks are a helpful payment option. Because of this, they are a great tool for paying bills and managing your money.

Lower Fees

Compared to other payment options, checks often charge lower or no fees at all. In fact, most people can deposit checks for free by using mobile apps or their bank’s ATM.

Who Would Order Checks From Chase?

The obvious answer is consumers who have qualifying checking accounts with Chase, but what about everyone else? Traditionally, certain demographics tend to use checks more than others.


Just decades ago, writing a personal check was a common way of paying for goods and services. People were also used to receiving their paychecks as literal checks. A lot has changed since then, but many seniors still write personal checks.


BBVA estimates that 42% of millennials still write checks. The article does not detail why that is, but a good educated guess could be that millennials use checks to pay rent to older demographics.

Small Business Owners

Louisiana Federal Credit Union estimates that 97% of small business owners write and accept checks. Many online payment options charge fees, such as PayPal, so writing checks allows contractors to receive fee-free payments.

When Should You Order Checks From Chase?

There is no good or bad time to order Chase checks. Here are some situations that may prompt you to place your order.

Paying Rent

Roughly 82% of renters pay their landlords via check. Some landlords require certified checks, but most accept personal checks. If you find yourself in this position, you may pitch alternatives, but landlords do get to determine how to accept payments.

Paying Contractors

Contractors generally prefer payment in cash or via check. This is especially important to contractors who may be unbanked. If you work with or hire people from this demographic, they are likely to appreciate a check.

Managing Money

If you struggle with money management or want to create traceable payments for accounting purposes, checks can make this possible. Your bank generally retains a copy of the cashed check that you can access whenever you need to.

Examples of Chase Order Checks Process

Example 1

Wesley is a college student. After a year of paying high rent, he convinces his parents to let him take the RV they once used for family vacations. Wesley strikes up a bargain with a local senior to park on her farm for a low price each month, but she wants the payments in checks. Wesley places an order for his Chase checks online. When they arrive, he writes a check to cover his new rent for the entire semester.

Example 2

Mei recently started a nonprofit organization that sews washable masks for low-income families. She hires seniors and stay-at-home moms. Once the sewers have made 100 masks, they ship the completed order to her. Mei completes quality checks and then sells the masks at break-even prices. She calls to order a checkbook for her business checking account with Chase. When it arrives, she sends off paychecks to the women for their hard work.

Steps for Chase Order Checks Process

Chase makes ordering checks fairly easy. Even better, there are several ways you can place your order. The specific options available and associated prices may vary based on the account type you hold with Chase. These are general guidelines to get you started:

  1. Determine what Chase account you wish to order checks for.
  2. For personal checks, sign into your account, click on the Things You Can Do menu option, choose a design and order your checks.
  3. For business accounts, find your routing and account numbers. Then, call 1-888-560-3939 or use the Deluxe website.
  4. If you are unable to place your order online or over the phone, consider visiting a Chase bank.

Quick Questions

How much does it cost?

The cost of ordering Chase checks range from free to $20 for a box of 100 checks. Note that the free accounts are Chase’s premium offerings and the minimum balances to avoid maintenance fees are high.

Are there alternatives to Chase?

If you bank with other companies, check to see who has the best offering. Even online banks tend to offer personal checks. You can also try retail giants and printing companies, such as Costco, Walmart and Vistaprint.

Does every business accept checks?

Unfortunately, many businesses no longer accept personal checks for payment. However, most big stores and some mom-and-pop shops do. For bigger purchases, such as a down payment on a car, the seller may ask for a cashier’s check instead.

Despite the survival of checks in the marketplace, you may still only need to write a handful of these each year. Choose the cheapest option possible, even if it doesn’t come from Chase.