Does Medicaid Cover Breast Pumps?

Does Medicaid Cover Breast Pumps?

So, Medicaid is there to help cover a lot of the costs that come with a new baby – but what about breast pumps? 

Having a baby can be an expensive time but luckily, Medicaid is there to cover some of the costs to ease the burden off from expecting parents.

This gives busy parents more time to focus on the newest addition to their family and allows them to step back and take a deep breath as they begin to traverse the path of parenthood. 

Breast pumps are a great way for busy moms to help prepare their baby’s food hands free while getting other stuff done at the same time.

They are super useful but not everyone can afford a them, so are they covered by Medicaid? 

Well, here we are going to find out!

Does Medicaid Cover Breast Pumps?

In most cases, Medicaid does indeed cover breast pumps but there’s a lot of details that differ from state to state policies. 

For example, most Medicaid policies will cover both electrical or manual breast pumps but not hospital grade breast pumps.

Some will cover the costs for purchasing, others will cover the cost for renting your breast pump. Most states will require you to have a prescription for your breast pumps from a medical professional. 

The only state that does not cover breast pumps through their Medicaid policies is North Carolina.

If you live in North Carolina or your state changes their Medicaid policies to not cover this equipment, or if you haven’t met the criteria your state has put in place, then you should try and get in touch with your local WIC clinic (the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children).

There, you can be given help and advice when it comes to finding affordable breast pumps or learn different methods to express your milk instead. 

How Can I Get a Free Breast Pump through my Medicaid? 

Does Medicaid Cover Breast Pumps?

The first thing you need to do is check what your state policy is concerning Medicaid and breast pumps.

Some have certain criterias you need to meet, others need a prescription from a doctor, and others may not even cover breast pumps at all. 

So, once you are sure about what you are entitled to regarding breast pumps and your Medicaid, you can take the steps you need to in order to get your hands on that free breast pump. 

It’s important to remember that a majority of Medicaid state policies will only cover the cost and shipment of your breast pump once your baby is born and that it can take ten working days between application and your breast pump’s arrival. 

So, if you are sure you are entitled to a free breast pump under Medicaid in your state, then you can order your pump online.

Make sure that your Medicaid policy does not require you to work with one of their in-network providers, and that you select your insurance company when it comes to checkout.

Places like Target and Walmart will ask for your insurance details so they can process your order, check with your Medicaid, and then send your breast pump to you. 

If you are ever in doubt, then just talk to your midwife about it – they will have already been asked the same questions a hundred times before so don’t be shy!

Plus, they will have in-depth knowledge regarding your state’s Medicaid policy and your situation so they should be able to work out quickly if you will be eligible for a free breast pump or not. 

Are Breast Pump Replacement Parts Covered by Medicaid?

Not all breast pumps are indestructible and you find something wrong or broken with your breast pumps. So, are you still covered by Medicaid or do you have to fork out for repairs yourself? 

Luckily, there are Medicaid state policies that do cover breast pump replacement parts but unfortunately, it’s not a nation-wide guarantee.

If you live in a state that does not cover breast pump replacement parts through Medicaid, then you can still receive a free replacement by heading to the provider and ordering replacements under their warranty. 

Of course, this does mean that you have to meet the warranty requirements but most breast pump manufacturers and providers are pretty generous with their warranties.

You can even take out breast pump insurance so you will definitely be covered if something happens to your breast pump. 

Does Medicaid Cover Breast Pumps?

So, there are a few options at your fingertips when it comes to getting free replacement parts for your breast pumps.

It’s best to check first prior to ordering your breast pump if your replacements will be covered by Medicaid or the provider’s warranty.

This way, you can take this knowledge into account when searching for the right breast pump for you.

Some providers and products offer better warranties than others so as long as you are not restricted by your Medicaid, you can find them with the best warranty so you should be covered for as long as possible! 


And that’s everything you need to know about Medicaid and breast pumps! 

Most states do allow Medicaid to cover breast pumps for new moms but there are a few restrictions in place that vary from state to state.

Some will require a prescription from your doctor or midwife, others will only cover the cost once your baby is born so be prepared. 

If you are ever in doubt or unsure whether you meet the criteria for your state’s Medicaid so you can be covered, you should always consult your midwife.

They will be able to take your personal situation into account and have a good idea whether or not your Medicaid will cover your breast pumps. 

If Medicaid has let you down, then you can still access affordable or free breast pumps through the recommended sources above. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does everyone get a free breast pump?

Under the ACA, insurance companies must cover a breast pump and supplies at no cost to pregnant members or members who just gave birth and are breastfeeding.

Does the hospital give you a breast pump?

Are there breast pumps in the hospital? Breast pumps are available for you while you are at the hospital. Ask your baby’s nurse where to find them.

How many times can you get a free breast pump?

Because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), health insurance providers are required to provide coverage for breastfeeding support, counseling, and equipment. This means that most insurers will cover one breast pump per pregnancy (up to one year postpartum) as a preventive benefit.

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