eBay Credit Card Review

ebay credit card

Roughly 168 million people around the world rely on eBay for online purchases. If you are one of its active buyers, you have likely considered the eBay credit card. Sure, you could have a limitless number of credit cards anyway, but discerning consumers vet each one carefully before making a decision. So, is it really worth getting this Mastercard or should you consider one of its big competitors?

eBay Credit Card Features

The eBay Mastercard shares similar features with most other store credit cards, such as Amazon or Walmart. However, it has a much more attractive points feature than many other store cards on the market.

Excellent Points Feature

To ensure you keep spending money via your eBay card, it offers an impressive 5x points feature after you spend $1,000 on eBay within a calendar year. Even Best Buy has an official eBay store, so it’s easy to reach this if you rely on eBay for appliances and tech gear. Prior to passing the $1,000 threshold, the points accumulate as follows:

  • 3x points for every $1 spent on eBay
  • 2x points for ever $1 spent on groceries, gas and restaurants
  • 1x points for all other Mastercard spending

No Annual Fee

Amazon is eBay’s primary competitor. However, to get an Amazon credit card, you need a Prime membership, which currently costs $119 per year. The eBay card requires no special membership and there is no other annual fee associated with the card.

Good Protection

The eBay card features zero-liability protection and identity-theft resolution. This includes credit monitoring and access to services to get your credit history back on track after identity theft.

Ebay Credit Card Travel Perks

Even though the eBay Mastercard is not a travel rewards card, you can use your card to access expedited processing through immigration and securities in some areas. If you rely on Airport Meet and Greet services, you can also use your card to get a 15% discount.

High APR

Unfortunately, like virtually all store cards, eBay has a high APR that starts at 19.99% and can climb to 26.99%. It also has a minimum interest charge of $2 for billing cycles when balances are not paid in full.

eBay Credit Card Final Thoughts

The eBay Mastercard is an excellent choice for people who purchase at least $1,000 in items from American sellers on eBay. If you make a lot of big-ticket-item purchases on the platform, such as cellphones and other electronics, you have an even better advantage when it comes to earning rewards.

It is a poor choice for people who intend to carry a balance forward each month. Note that the average credit card APR is only 14.52% so even 19.99% is too high. It also may not serve your needs if you rely on credit card purchases for sky miles or discounts on hotels.

Compared to Amazon, one of the biggest downsides of the eBay credit card is that it doesn’t allow you to pay in interest-free installments. If this feature is important to you, consider applying for PayPal credit. This gives you access to six months of zero-APR financing.

Overall, we give this card 4 stars out of 5 for hardcore eBay users. For everyone else, consider another card.

Quick Questions

What happened to the Ebay Extras credit card?

Ebay no longer accepts new applications for its eBay Extras Mastercard. It also prohibits current owners of that card to apply for an eBay Mastercard.

Are there restrictions on the rewards points?

Ebay limited points on the eBays Extras credit card but does not seem to do so for its Mastercard. However, to meet the $1,000 threshold, only sales from American-based sellers count.

Where can I use my eBay credit card?

You can use your eBay Mastercard as a direct payment option for eBay or by linking it through your PayPal account. It also works on any online platform or brick-and-mortar store that accepts Mastercard.