Forever 21 Credit Card Rewards Frequent Shoppers

forever 21 credit card

The Forever 21 Credit Card is designed to reward the retailer’s loyal shoppers and give them an easy and convenient way to pay for their purchases. It is issued by Comenity as a store card that can only be used for Forever 21 purchases made online or in-store. All of the rewards earned apply to future purchases at Forever 21 with no option to use them as a statement credit.

Forever 21 Credit Card Ratings

Industry experts recommend the Forever 21 Credit Card for frequent shoppers who manage their accounts well in order to avoid paying the card’s high fees. They particularly like the following card features:

  • No annual fee
  • Generous rewards for Forever 21 shoppers
  • Accepts some fair or poor credit applicants
  • Ability to add additional cardholders to your account
  • Grace period of 25 days to pay the balance in full with no interest

However, compared to other store cards, this card:

  • Has a high starting 29.24% APR on purchases
  • Cannot be used anywhere but Forever 21
  • Has no credit card benefits
  • Has a high number of customer complaints with payment issues


The card rewards loyal shoppers with triple points for every dollar spent in the store or online. Cardholders also receive exclusive promotions and offers throughout the year, such as free standard shipping on online purchases or double point events valid in-store and online.


All the rewards are provided through their Forever Rewarded Loyalty Program. Unlike other store cards, there is no limit to the number of rewards you can earn, and the points never expire. Cardholders receive the following perks:

  • $5 certificate reward earned for 300 points
  • 21% off on your cardholder anniversary date
  • 21% off on Forever 21’s birthday
  • $10 discount on a $25 minimum purchase on your birthday

To get a $5 reward certificate, the cardholder needs to spend $100 on Forever 21 merchandise.

Forever 21 Credit Card Welcome Bonus

New Forever 21 Credit Cardholders receive the following welcome bonuses:

  • 20% off your first purchase when you apply for the card
  • 15% off your purchase once you receive your card

Why Choose the Forever 21 Credit Card

The Forever 21 Credit Card is a good choice for devoted Forever 21 shoppers who will use all of the reward certificates and perks associated with the card. We recommend cardholders pay off the balance on this credit card each month. Otherwise the high interest rate charged on those purchases will cancel out the benefit of your rewards.

This card is not a good choice for the occasional Forever 21 shopper as there are no other benefits associated with this card. It should also be avoided by anyone who is not good at managing their credit card accounts as late and returned payment fees start at $40 per occurrence, which is high compared to other store cards.

How To Apply for the Forever 21 Credit Card

Currently, applications for can only be completed in a Forever 21 store. Comenity plans to make online submissions available again soon. All applicants need to be at least 18 years of age with a 600 or higher credit score and proof of employment. Those with lower scores may qualify for the card but will be charged a higher interest rate. Your credit limit will be determined based on your income and any debts and liabilities you have. Your new card will arrive in a welcome packet in about eight business days. Once you receive your card, you can register for 24/7 online account access on the Comenity Bank’s website.

It can be confusing to select the right credit card for your needs, especially with all the different options available to you.

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