Mercury Insurance – A closer look

Mercury Insurance was founded in 1961 to meet the need for providing affordable automobile policies to all drivers, especially those considered to be high-risk by other companies. It is sold through local, independent agents in the following 11 states: California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia and Florida.

Mercury Insurance Reviews and Ratings

Mercury Insurance has an A.M. Best and Fitch Rating of A and ranks them as one of the best car insurance companies. Forbes magazine named it one of “America’s Most Trustworthy Companies” in 2019.  Industry reviews hover in the mid-range of 5-star ratings often highlighting:

  • Low and competitive rates
  • Ride-hailing auto insurance coverage
  • Service line home insurance coverage

On the other hand, compared to what is offered by other insurance companies, reviewers noted Mercury Insurance has:

  • Low customer satisfaction ratings for claims and therefore customer service
  • No option to file claims online
  • An app is available however it’s on Android devices only
  • No homeowner coverage in Florida

Mercury Auto Insurance Features

Mercury Insurance keeps their prices low because they offer basic coverage required by the states they service. There are two additional coverage options:

  • Roadside Assistance — Provides round-the-clock help whenever you have a problem on the road.
  • Ride-Hailing Insurance — Gives additional coverage for customers who drive for a ride-hailing company such as Uber or Lyft. It protects their vehicles when they are available to work but do not have a customer.

Mercury Auto Insurance Discounts

Mercury Auto Insurance rates are determined by an independent agent who factors your vehicle information as well as where you live along with your driving record, marital status and age. However, Premiums can be lowered through the following discounts:

  • Low-mileage driving
  • Multiple cars
  • Anti-theft device
  • Multiple policies
  • Driver education training
  • Good driver
  • Good grades for students
  • Autopay
  • Electronic signatures
  • Pay-in-full

Mercury Homeowners Insurance Features

Homeowners coverage however is only offered in 10 states: California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Virginia and Georgia. Beyond the standard policy features available with any company, Mercury also offers beneficial supplemental insurance options.

Service Line Protection

Provides up to $10,000 per claim to cover the replacement or repair of electrical lines and underground water, gas and sewage pipes. Because this type of coverage is not available with most insurance companies it can be very valuable in certain scenarios and therefore should not be overlooked.

Home Cyber Protection Coverage

Covers homeowners from damages due to attacks on their computer or smart home system, financial loss due to online fraud and assistance in responding to cyber extortion threats.

Identity Management Services

Provides up to $25,000 of coverage for lost income and attorney fees due to identity theft.

Extended Replacement Cost

Your policy limit increases to 150% of the normal policy maximum if your home needs rebuilding following a covered loss.

Home Systems Protection

Covers repair for appliances, electronics and critical systems in your home that happen after the warranty has expired. The variety of areas covered is impressive and includes:

  • Central air conditioning
  • Solar, wind and geothermal heating sources
  • Pumps for wells, sumps, pools and spas
  • Large appliances
  • Home computers
  • Generators
  • Water filtration systems
  • Elevators and chairlifts

Mercury Homeowners Insurance Discounts

Mercury Insurance offers the following discounts and considerations to lower a customer’s premium amount:

  • Theft protection devices
  • Smoke alarms
  • Newer homes
  • Fire-resistant construction
  • Multiple policies
  • Gated community

Why Choose Mercury Insurance?

In conclusion, Automobile policies works best for low-maintenance drivers looking for affordable prices on basic standard coverage. Those looking for more coverage options, great customer care and claims processing services would benefit from using another insurance company.

Mercury Homeowner Insurance is something to consider if you are buying an older home due to the company’s service line coverage, because this is not offered by most insurers. In addition thrifty homeowners can save the cost of purchasing a home warranty and more by opting for the home systems protection.

It can be a confusing process to choose the best insurance policy for your family. We can help you find the right policy and company for you. Check out our latest reviews!

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