OLD Old Navy Credit Card Review

old navy credit card

What You Need To Know Before You Apply

If your retailer of choice is Old Navy, it may be worth your while to apply for the Old Navy Visa® Credit Card. The Old Navy Credit Card offers a slew of perks and rewards for loyal shoppers and is accepted at any Gap Inc. retailer, which includes Banana Republic, Athleta, and of course, Gap. There is an in-store and Visa® version of the card, both of which are issued by Synchrony.

Features and Benefits

Whether you opt for the in-store card or the Visa® card, Old Navy cardholders enjoy benefits that others don’t. Initially, those benefits typically come in the form of points. For every $1 you spend at Gap Inc. brands in-store and online, you earn five points. Also, for every $1 you spend at all other stores where Visa® cards are accepted, you earn one point. For every 500 points you earn, you get $5 toward your next Gap Inc. purchase.

You can only earn up to $50 in rewards per purchase and up to $250 per billing cycle. Every point that pushes you beyond the $250 threshold will roll over into the next billing cycle. Reward points expire after two years.

The Old Navy Visa® Credit Card website does offer users the opportunity to earn more points without spending. By enrolling in paperless billing and opting into Gap Inc. brands updates and offers, you can earn an additional 1,000 points, which amounts to $10 in rewards.

Become a Navyist

If you are able to earn 5,000 points in a calendar year, you earn “Navyist” status. As a Navyist, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free shipping on online orders from Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta and Gap when you use the code “NAVYIST”
  • 20% in extra rewards points each quarter
  • Basic alterations for free on Banana Republic purchases (Excludes suede and leather merchandise.)
  • An exclusive customer service hotline

To maintain Navyist status, you must meet point requirements each calendar year.

Who Would Use the Old Navy Credit Card?

While the points system may seem enticing, it may not offer much to the average spender. To earn $5 in rewards, you have to spend $100. That means you must spend $500 to earn $50 in rewards. To earn $250 in points, you have to spend $2,500. Given this information, an Old Navy Credit Card makes the most sense for a person who does a lot of shopping with Gap Inc. brands.

When Should You Use the Old Navy Credit Card?

If you apply for and are approved for the Old Navy Credit Card, it would make the most sense to use it at all Gap Inc. stores. This way, you can accrue rewards points, which is the main perk of the card. If you have the Visa® card and don’t have another card with enticing rewards, consider using it at other merchants as well to acquire points more quickly. However, be sure that when you do use it, you can pay it off within the same billing cycle, as the APR is a variable 25.99%.


In conclusion, applying for the Old Navy Visa® Credit Card can be a smart choice for those who frequently shop at Old Navy and other Gap Inc. brands. This credit card offers a range of benefits, including earning five points for every dollar spent at Gap Inc. stores and one point for every dollar spent elsewhere with Visa®. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future Gap Inc. purchases, with an opportunity to earn an additional 1,000 points by enrolling in paperless billing. Furthermore, dedicated shoppers who accumulate 5,000 points in a calendar year can achieve “Navyist” status, unlocking exclusive rewards like free shipping, extra points, and more.

Quick Questions

Does the Old Navy Credit Card have an annual fee?

No! Old Navy Credit Cards are fee free.

Can you use reward points to pay your bill?

No reward points cannot be used towards your bill.

Does the Old Navy Credit Card come with a first purchase discount on approval?

Yes, the card offers a 20% discount on the first purchase.

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