Pottery Barn Credit Card Review

pottery barn card

The Pottery Barn Credit Card can help many consumers fill their homes with individual preferences and styles, but the high APR, like most store cards, means you do not want to carry a balance for too long. However, some users may find the rewards and exclusive promotions beneficial.

Pottery Barn is a staple in the home decorating industry. While it started in 1949 as a discounted pottery store, selling slightly damaged pottery, it has revitalized its image as both unique and stylish. The store now sells everything from sectional sofas to wall art, so consumers can design all their living spaces from a single store selection.

Features and Benefits

Although the Pottery Barn card claims a rewarding 10% back in rewards, there is a caveat: You must spend at least $250 on a single transaction. While store cards without annual fees are useful for frequent shoppers, the 28.74% APR is a little steep for the Pottery Barn card, especially when many items in the store are hundreds of dollars, if not more. The card does offer special 12-month financing, but to avoid the high APR, you first have to spend $750.

Who Would Use the Pottery Barn Credit Card?

The product is an excellent option for someone who routinely spends $250 or more at the store, but if you cannot pay that balance off within the same billing cycle, the card might not be worth it. However, if you are looking to decorate and furnish a new place, and plan to pay off the balance within 12-months, the credit card is a decent choice.

When Should You Use the Pottery Barn Credit Card?

As with most store cards, the high APR means that you should not use it often. Any purchases less than $750 should be budgeted into monthly expenses to avoid interest. If you plan on spending more than $750, only do so if you can pay off the balance within the 12-month financing window.

Examples of Use

There are many things you can buy at Pottery Barn, from artwork to furniture. While you can easily spend over $1,000 on a single trip, depending on your credit limit, it is best to limit your spending to only what you can afford month to month or within 12 months. It is crucial to pay off your balance before the high interest rate gets charged, forcing you to pay significantly more in fees.

Steps for Applying

You can apply for a Potteryonline or in a store. The process is similar to all credit card applications:

  1. Review the terms and conditions.
  2. Fill out the application honestly.
  3. Submit the form.
  4. Wait for a decision.

Quick Questions

What credit score is needed to get a Pottery Barn card?

According to some consumers, the credit card from Pottery Barn is somewhat easy to get, with many getting approval with fair scores. However, it is likely best to be at a 650 at least before applying. It is also worth noting that the credit score is not the only determiner for approval; credit history and financial position also matter.

Can you use the Pottery Barn Credit Card at any other stores?

The credit card from Pottery Barn cannot be used at any other stores other than Pottery Barn brands. You can use it at all Pottery Barn locations, including Pottery Barn Outlet Stores, Pottery Barn Bed and Bath, Pottery Barn Teen, and Pottery Barn Kids.

What bank issues the Pottery Barn card?

As well as many other store cards, Comenity Bank is the Pottery Barn Credit Card issuer. It is a popular choice among many retailer programs.

While this card does have some perks, the high APR should limit its client pool. Any shopper who expects to carry a balance for a long time should consider alternative credit card options. For our review of Ikea’s offering click here

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