Torrid Credit Card Review

torrid credit card

Torrid is a plus-size apparel company with hundreds of retail locations throughout the United States. The store’s popularity has led it to offer a branded credit card that only can be used at its retail locations. If you regularly shop at Torrid, you may find the credit card beneficial. However, it may not be for everybody.

Torrid Credit Card Reviews and Ratings 

The Torrid credit card has received some praise for the benefits it offers consumers. Specifically, the initial discount, as well as the ongoing rewards program, stand out when compared to similar credit cards. These benefits should come in handy for those who regularly shop at the retailer.

However, critics note that some features of the card may put consumers at a disadvantage. Chief among these issues is the card’s high APR. While some store-based credit cards offer introductory rates of low or zero interest, Torrid’s credit card does not. In fact, its APR of 24.99% is considered above average.

Features and Perks 

As Torrid isn’t itself a bank, it partners with Comenity Bank to issue the Torrid-branded credit card. So, it’s Comenity Bank that receives the credit card application and decides on approval. Based on customer reports, you do not need excellent credit to be approved for the Torrid credit card. People with fair credit, or those with at least some credit history and no derogatory marks on their report, should find their applications approved.

The credit card’s main feature is its ongoing rewards program for those shopping at Torrid. Every dollar you spend on your credit card at at any branded location earns you a single Torrid Point. You also receive a $10 rewards gift certificate for every 250 points you earn from the retailer.

Those who do most of their clothes shopping at Torrid should find themselves rapidly rising through the retailer’s loyalty program. Sign-up for this program is free, and when paired with the use of the credit card, you’ll have easy access to a variety of discounts. Even those considered Torrid Insiders, the initial tier of the program, receive $25 in Torrid Cash for every $50 they spend, as well as a special gift on their birthday.

Once you spend $500 at Torrid in a year, you achieve Loyalist status. This tier offers free shipping and a dedicated customer service line, as well as other discounts. Those who spend over $1,000 annually at Torrid receive all of the benefits of the previous tiers as well as access to exclusive events.

Torrid Credit Card Discounts 

Beyond the ability to rack up rewards points, the Torrid card also offers several discounts:

  • A $15 off $50 coupon that arrives with your new credit card 
  • 5% of all purchases at Torrid every day 
  • 25% off the first online purchase made with your Torrid credit card 

Additionally, those with this credit card receive access to sales not available to those without the card. Other offers and events are also included as part of the rewards and discount package the product provides.

Quick Questions

Why Should You Open a Torrid Credit Card? 

There’s no annual fee with the Torrid credit card, so anyone who shops at Torrid, however infrequently, can see a benefit from having access to the discounts provided by the credit card. However, those who shop at Torrid most frequently receive the most benefits.

How Much Is a Torrid Point Worth? 

While there is no direct conversion of Torrid points to dollars, you receive a $10 reward for every 250 points you earn. That means, technically, that a Torrid point is worth around $0.04.

Who Should I Call If I Have a Problem With the Card? 

As the card is issued by Comenity Bank, it is your point of contact should you have any issues with the card or need to submit payment.

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