Victoria’s Secret Credit Card – A review

Calling all VIctoria’s Secret lovers! Your love of Victoria’s Secret brand of sexy bras and panties can yield you exclusive member benefits when you open a Victoria’s Secret credit card. If you are a Victoria’s Secret shopper and make regular purchases, a loyalty card could be beneficial to you. Here is what you need to know!

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card member’s Program

The more you shop, the more benefits you enjoy as you move up the ranks of this three-tiered program. You rack up points with the Angel card until you acquire 500 points, which moves into the next tier, the Angel VIP. You reach the top tier, the Angel Forever card, after another 1,000 points. Speaking of forever, you always maintain your status, even without purchases. You never have to worry about dropping to a lower tier.

How Are Points Earned?

You earn one point for every dollar you spend. The points equate to rewards, which are in the form of rewards cards mailed to your address on record. The higher the tier, the more value the points. As an Angel VIP, 250 points earns you a $10 reward card. As an Angel Forever, 250 points earns you a $15 reward card! You can expect Reward cards to be mailed three to six weeks after earning points.

Victoria’s Secret frequently offers member perks and opportunities to earn points, too! Bra purchases earn you triple points — even bras on sale! In addition to triple points for bra purchases, cardholders also have the opportunity to earn triple points up to three times a year on their purchases. It works according to tier:

  • Angel card – One triple-point day per year.
  • Angel VIP – Two triple-point days per year.
  • Angel Forever – Three triple-point days per year.

Importantly this means you get triple points on all purchases that day, so be sure to mark your calendar and stock up on these days. However, if the three-tier program and points system isn’t enough to excite you, here is a list of additional cardholder benefits to enjoy:

  • VS offers special events and exclusive access to cardholders that aren’t available to the general public. 
  • Enjoy free shipping on any purchase that includes bras.
  • Earn special shopping rewards as a cardholder.
  • Take advantage of an immediate discount when you open your card and make your first purchase online.
  • Celebrate your special day with an annual gift for your birthday.
  • All purchases earn you points, including online, in-store, and on the phone.

What Additional Perks Does the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Offer?

In addition to the points, rewards, and three-tiered program, the Victoria’s Secret credit card offers additional perks. Unlike many other credit cards, there is no annual fee. You also get to participate in exclusive offers and new programs that are limited to Victoria’s Secret cardholders each time the store rolls out new programs, offers, and exclusive discounts.

What Else Should I Know?

There are a few points you should be aware of, as with any credit card, before you apply. For instance, and most importantly, your application will result in an inquiry on your credit report. Your credit must be acceptable, you must maintain your Victoria’s Secret credit card account, and you must keep it in good standing. Business cardholders do not qualify for triple points. The card is only applicable to Victoria’s Secret and PINK stores and does not apply to any other retail stores. Note that there’s a $25 fee for returned payments and late fees are $37.

Still Have Questions?

Above all loyalty cards get their titles because they benefit loyal shoppers, and this is the case with the Victoria’s Secret credit card offer. If you are a frequent Victoria’s Secret shopper, you should benefit from all this card has to offer in terms of points, rewards, and special offers as you save money on your purchases throughout the year. To learn more, or to find out about other offers, check out