Gap Credit Card Review

gap credit card

Founded in 1969, Gap is an American clothing and accessories store with a worldwide presence. With many frequent shoppers, it was only a matter of time before the store had its own credit card program. Today, Gap offers either a store credit card or a Visa. While the Visa has the advantage of being usable everywhere Visa is accepted, many people aim for the store credit card because of the easier approval process. However, is it the better option?

Features and Benefits

The Gap store card offers several enticing benefits, including a 20% discount on the initial purchase with the card. After that, customers receive five points for every dollar they spend, and once they reach 500 points ($100), they receive a $5 store credit. Users also receive offers for extra points, birthday savings, special event notices, and 10% off at Gap stores, including online.

A negative about the store card is the APR. At 27.49% (2019), it is extremely high.

Who Would Use the Gap Credit Card?

The Gap card is best for loyal shoppers. If you do not go to Gap that often, then it is not of any significant benefit to having the card, especially if you can go an entire year without using it. If you have a decent credit score, it is likely more advisable to apply for the Gap Visa card, which can be used in many places.

When Should You Use the Gap Credit Card?

As with any credit card, the Gap store card can help your credit score, but only if you use it. The purpose of a credit card is to show you are responsible with managing and budgeting money. However, because of the high interest rate, you do not want to carry a balance over into another billing cycle. Instead, use the card as a cash advance. If you know that you will have a spare $20 at the end of the month, and you see a $20 shirt you like, buy it now with the credit card and pay it off before the end of the billing period.

Examples of Using the Gap Credit Card

The Gap store credit card can be used at any Gap Inc. store, including Gap, Gap Factory Store Old Navy, Athleta, Banana Republic, and the Banana Republic Factory Store. Examples of purchases you can make at these shops include clothing and accessories. Again, the Gap store card is an excellent option for responsible Gap Inc. shoppers, but it is not for everyone.

Steps for Securing

While every credit card has different requirements for approval, the application process remains pretty similar. There are at least five steps for applying for the Gap credit card:

  1. Find the online application or apply in-store
  2. Gather any necessary personal information (ID, income, etc.)
  3. Read the terms and conditions
  4. Fill out all necessary details
  5. Apply and wait for a response

Quick Questions

What credit score do you need for the Gap store card?

As with most store credit cards, a fair credit score is advisable. A fair score is typically in the lower 600s, with a score of 640 or better providing the best chances of approval.

Can a Gap credit card be used anywhere?

There are two types of cards offered through Gap: a store card and a Visa. The store card is only useful in Gap stores, but the Visa can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. The card you are approved for depends on your credit score and application status.

What bank issues the Gap credit card?

The current credit card issuer is Synchrony Bank. This bank is one of several that issue store credit cards, and it, along with Comenity, is one of the most popular.

While this product may not be the best option for every shopper, it is right for some. Interested in checking out a competing product? Our review of the Old Navy card is here

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