Old Navy Credit Card Review

old navy credit card

Old Navy, a member of the Gap Inc. collection, is an American retailer and global apparel company. It specializes in making clothing and apparel essentials affordable to every family. The company explains that it is on a mission to democratize fashion and make shopping fun. Currently, Old Navy offers a Visa credit card and a store card. The focus of this review is on the Visa option and whether it is a good choice for shoppers.

Features and Benefits

Because the Old Navy Visa credit card is more than a store card, users get to experience more freedom and benefits from its use. The card is accepted anywhere Visa is, and you can earn rewards wherever you choose to use it. However, you get five points for every dollar spent at Gap Inc. brands but only one point for every dollar spent at other merchants. For every 500 points, you receive a $5. You can earn up to $250 per billing cycle. The Old Navy Visa card also doesn’t have an annual fee, but the APR is high.

Who is it for?

While anyone can benefit from using the Old Navy Visa card, it is still best suited to Old Navy and Gap Inc. shoppers. While Visa is accepted in most places, the rewards and benefits of the card are pretty limited to Gap Inc. properties. Therefore, if you shop at Old Navy or any other Gap brands frequently, the Visa card is a decent option for you, but you need to be cautious of the APR.

When Should You Use the Old Navy Credit Card?

You should use the Old Navy Visa card for routine and small purchases. Keep your monthly budget in mind so you can pay off the credit card balance before the interest is added to the account. You should not use the Old Navy card for frivolous purchases or to replace an entire wardrobe at once, especially if you will not have the money to pay off the debt quickly. With an APR over 25%, it is easy to find yourself in debt and paying more than the original items were worth.

Examples of Use

While people might assume that the Old Navy credit card is only useful in the store, that is not quite true. Old Navy’s store card can only be used at the store and Gap Inc. properties, but the Visa option can be used wherever Visa is accepted, meaning that you can use the card for gas, coffee, and any number of activities, but as always, watch what you spend.

Steps for Securing an Old Navy Credit Card

If you are interested in applying for an Old Navy Visa credit card, head to the company’s store or website. There are four steps to the application process:

  1. Gather personal information
  2. Read the requirements for card approval
  3. Fill out the application and submit
  4. Wait for the decision

Quick Questions

What is the average credit score Old Navy requires for application approval?

The Old Navy store card, like most store cards, requires a fair credit score. However, while many other store cards only require a 640 or better, Old Navy users suggest a score of 660 or higher, meaning the retailer prefers a fair or better score.

Does the Old Navy store card require a hard inquiry?

While some credit cards will perform a preapproval without a hard inquiry, most need to perform hard inquiries for final approval. The Old Navy credit card might perform a hard inquiry, meaning that the application process could hurt your credit score.

Where can you use your Old Navy store credit card?

You can use the Old Navy credit card at any Gap Inc. store. Therefore, cardholders can shop at Banana Republic, Banana Republic Factory stores, Gap, Gap Factory stores, Old Navy, and Athleta.

As with any store card, the Old Navy credit card is useful to consumers that shop at the intended store. If you would like to learn more about Gap Inc.’s competing credit card offering check out our review here

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